Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions we receive.

What is the aim of the EIF?
EIF aims to provide accessible, accurate and factual information on Islam and Muslims for mainstream audiences. 

Who runs EIF? 
EIF was established and is managed by a dynamic group of British Muslim professionals from diverse backgrounds – academics, journalists, consultants, art directors and researchers.

How is EIF funded?

EIF is a not for profit initiative and is funded by private donations.

What links does EIF have with other organisations?

EIF is an independent organisation and as such it has no links with other community or governmental organisations. However, it hopes to build strategic alliances with organisations which share its vision for a pluralistic and mainstream Islam. We aim to build coalition with partners  - Muslims and non-Muslims - across different sectors and work towards reducing ignorance and misinformation about Islam and Muslims

Who is the patron of EIF?

Lord Adam Patel is the patron of EIF. Lord Patel is one of the first Muslim peers to be appointed to the House of Lords and has a wealth of experience on community relations, race-equality and enterprise.

Does EIF represent British Muslims?

EIF does not represent British Muslims and as such is not in the politics of representation. It seeks to articulate a contextualised, dynamic and accessible vision of Islam.

Is EIF a missionary organisation?

No. EIF does not seek to preach or proselytise. Our objective is to firmly challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about the Islamic faith and Muslims. It aims to demonstrate the Islam is a mainstream British faith. We aim to do this through creative marketing and public relations campaigns

What is the Inspired by Muhammad Campaign?

The Inspired by Muhammad Campaign is a media campaign aimed at challenging stereotypes surrounding the Prophet of Islam – Muhammad. It aims to demonstrate to the general public the true values of Islam as taught by Muhammad. We believe that these include peace, tolerance, co-existence and positive citizenship. Key messages will appear across London on underground stations, bus stops and the Capital’s iconic taxis.

Is this a one-off campaign?

This is the first of many similar campaigns to come. EIF will embark on a nationwide media campaigns tackling a range of topics.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved by giving us your feedback on our work, joining as a volunteer and donating to EIF on