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Who we are

Recent global events have intensified the appetite for information, analysis and insight into the faith of Islam and the mindset of Muslims. But sadly an information void exists that only those least qualified have the persistence to fill; with misunderstood, misleading and misconstrued “intelligence” about our faith, our way of life, our intentions.

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Our vision

We all recognise that violence begets violence. So too we must acknowledge that inaccurate information multiplies exponentially, extending a barrier of misunderstanding and fear between cultures and traditions. At the Exploring Islam Foundation we realise that we can no longer afford the luxury of delegating our responsibility to fill that information void. We have a duty to contribute high quality, accessible and, above all, accurate information on our way of life to others.

Our work

At EIF we appreciate that the relationship between Islam and various aspects of modern life are continually under intense scrutiny. We want to play an active part in that debate and discuss the place of Islam in 21st century Britain. Our ambition is to engage in stimulating and thoughtful discussions on a spectrum of issues from economics, politics and social customs to history, art and spirituality.

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